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The Derivitec Risk Portal: Derivatives. Direct.

The Derivitec Risk Portal has been designed to all users to register, log in and start running risk on their derivatives portfolios in a matter of minutes. In the current version we support the following functionality:

  • Portfolio creation and management
  • Position import from Excel
  • Position browsing
  • Trade booking
  • Risk report generation, for both today’s data and dates in the past, with Excel export
  • Mark to market data, based on end of day third party data feeds, covering US stocks and indices

All our pages come with supporting documentation, with full transparency on modeling methodology. Our application also integrates seamlessly with our support channel, provided by Zendesk, allowing users to submit tickets directly online, as they wish. You can also chat with us live through our Zopim chat button in the bottom left of the screen.

Setting it all up

We believe that it’s not enough just to provide valuation. We don’t even believe it’s enough to provide market data and valuation. We want you to be up and running calculating risk on your portfolios in minutes, not months. So you can drop your trades in from Excel, visualise them, rearrange your portfolios, set up new portfolios, and manage the whole booking cycle natively within the app. When you’re done, just go to the report launcher and calculate your reports. It’s that easy. Here’s a video which shows you how:


How much does it cost?

The first 90 days is completely free of charge, giving you a good 3 months to integrate this application into your workflow. After that we charge $250 per user, per month (plus applicable taxes, if any). You can choose to be invoiced, or pay by card or Paypal, whichever suits you best. Automatic subscription renewal and re-billing is turned on by default, in which case your subscription will automatically renew unless you notify us of its non-renewal by 30 days prior written notice expiring at the end of any month. You can change this to a pay-as-you-go subscription  either before your subscription commences or, during your subscription, by 30 days prior written notice expiring at the end of any month. Pay-as-you-go subscriptions must be renewed each month by payment in advance.  Payment shall always be due in advance of the commencement, extension or renewal of your subscription. All payments in advance are due on the first business day of each month of your subscription, (subscriptions started part way through a month will be charged pro rata for that month).

Please click on our Terms and Conditions to review our conditions of service.

Interested? Ok! Please click on the following link to get started!