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By combining a deep understanding of pricing and analytics with the latest cloud computing technology, Derivitec’s offer is ideally positioned to be part of the new generation of high added value Financial Systems able to adapt on-demand to varying business requirements while providing complete transparency and control over costs.

Amjad Zoghbi, Director, XPansion Financial Technology Services

"Since we are the market leading regulatory platform it is vital that our process uses tools of the highest standard to be able to calculate and report accurate data held by our managers as required by law. Derivitec has helped a lot in that aspect by providing a clear and easy-to-use platform that we can use to generate our daily SSR report.

Joe Vittoria, CEO, Mirabella

Derivitec’s platform stood out for us for the quality and breadth of its risk reporting capabilities. With its easy to use functionality, we are able to produce reports more efficiently and it ultimately enables us to manage our working capital needs more effectively.

Mario Pisano, Head of Global Treasury, AFEX

Derivitec's platform, with its easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with our internal risk management processes stood out for us. We're pleased to be working with a similarly innovative FinTech company which will support us as we aim to deliver the best possible service for our clients.

Rick Roache, Head of Corporate Dealing and Structuring, World First

Derivitec has been instrumental in helping us manage counterparty collateral in the wake of the Brexit shock. Its real value was really prior to the event itself, when we were able to stress test portfolios and warn clients of impending collateral requirements as well as potential negative market movements so that clients would be prepared well in advance. This helped clients assess the cash flow impact to their business and decide how they wished to manage the uncertainty risk around the possible outcomes of the referendum.

Sheila Krishnan, Global Credit Manager and EMEA Senior Credit Manager, AFEX