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Derivitec Ltd is a privately owned, UK based ISV specialising in high performance, cost effective analytics for the derivatives industry. Founded in Dec 2011, we have been working intensively towards cloud based solutions, leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services.

Our central philosophy is ease of use. We believe that consumers should be able to get up and running with streamlined, industry standard financial analytics in minutes, not months, and pay for as much, or as little, as they need.

Harnessing the power of the web

Supposing you want to analyse a portfolio of derivatives: what do you need?

  • A booking system for managing trades, and navigating easily between them
  • An extensive set of trade types allowing for a large number of possible trade variants
  • Industry standard models
  • Reliable, clean market data, marked to market
  • Full revaluation on a rolling daily basis, with flexible risk report generation

This is what we provide, but we are one of the first derivatives vendors to supply this functionality directly from the web.

  • Nothing to download. The app can be run from any operating system that supports a modern browser.
  • Agile updates. No need to wait months for your vendor to add new functionality. We can turn requests round in days. You just pick up the changes when you next log in.
  • A host of machines at your disposal. Our calculations can be parallelised across the huge resources offered by the public cloud. A small fund now has ready access to the compute power of a tier one bank. How much you use just depends on what you need to run.    
  • You get billed for only as much compute as you need. Rather than paying for an expensive application which you use once a quarter, you can pay for a day to day risk package on a rolling basis, and scale up to a more calculation intensive package when you need it. If you don’t need to use the application at all one month, there’s nothing to pay. No lock ins, no waste.